location 5825 SW 68th St Suite 2
Office 202, South Miami, FL 33143

phone Tel: (305) 662-1423

South Miami Arts Cooperative (SMAC)

South Miami Arts Cooperative (SMAC)

SMAC = Understanding of self, family and community.

  • Art Making: mural construction, painting, collage, indigenous art
  • Dance: street dancing, Afro-Caribbean soca, merengue, reggae, choreographing
  • Music: singing, playing instruments, beat-making, hand-made instruments
  • Theater: improvisation, poetry, neighborhood narratives, monologues


Call for artists: SMAC features local emerging artists, musicians, actors and dancers to perform and conduct public workshops.

Event Start From: July 1, 2018
Venue: South Miami Community Redevelopment Area 5825 SW 68 ST South Miami, Florida 33143

A special thank you to our generous sponsors